Monday, January 19, 2015

Groovy and Grails

The biggest today (19.01.2015) news in the community is probably the announcement regarding Pivotal pulling Groovy/Grails funding. And there are a lot of sad reactions on this in all channels that I have seen.

This might start a panic reaction around Groovy and Grails. IMO, there's nothing to panic about. Groovy and Grails communities are the healthiest and there's a lot of big companies that use Groovy and Grails and who would definitely be willing to sponsor the projects further. I'm pretty sure they all will be in line to get the both projects under their sponsorship just in a few weeks :)

All-in-all, it might even be very good for Groovy since Pivotal didn't seem to leverage Groovy in their ecosystem with the focus on Cloud Foundry offering. So we might even see an acceleration of Groovy/Grails development once the projects get a new sponsor.

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orubel said...

Agree 100%. Pivotal used Ruby when consulting (unless Groovy/grails was being used or requested) and never actively promoted Groovy/Grails. Someone like Google, Redhat, Canonical would be a much better steward and promote them much better I think.

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