Thursday, November 18, 2010

JRebel at Devoxx 2010, Conference Day #2

Day 3 at Devoxx for me is over. Lots of JRebel demos today again at Devoxx expo area.

We've got plenty of feedback for the product and features/improvements we would consider to implement  in the next releases. That includes Grails GORM support, support for adding new EJBs (3.0) on-the-fly, support for Servlets 3, better support for Wicket, better NetBeans plugin, plugin.xml support for Eclipse RCP, and many more! So that's something we should definitely to consider for the upcoming releases of JRebel.

Also, I met some people who haven't used JRebel yet, or haven't heard of it at all. After the demo they wanted to start using it! I hope we'll get to hear from those who started using JRebel - the feedback for is really appreciated!

I managed to escape from the booth to attend JavaPosse live session at the conference - I haven't had a chance to attend their sessions before. That was fun! :)

With that, the expo is over and JRebel team is going back to continue doing the awesome job!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JRebel at Devoxx 2010, Conference Day #1

Day 2 at Devoxx for me is over! Lots of demos, chatting, explaining things, etc

For a start we had a quick chat with Geertjan Wielenga about Javeleon. Even after a short conversation I think I have more understanding what it is about.

Also, I had luck to "unvirtualize" with Claus Ibsen and Charles Moulliard (from FuseSource), the guys behind Apache Camel - it is always a pleasure to meet people in person.

Also, somehow, my twitter reference have gotten to the Devoxx daily web page. Just because we have released a new JRebel version before Devoxx we were actually get quite a lot of buzz for the product which is positive as it gives the opportunity to get the feedback faster from the users. For Devoxx attendees we still have the giveaway "LiquidMetal" licenses - so go grab one!

I attended one session, the Reflection Madness by Heinz Kabutz. This was an awesome talk, but pretty much a compilation of the articles from newsletter.

I can say I really like the spirit of Devoxx (compared to JavaOne this year) - it is even more technical: people come and ask good questions about JRebel. Some already use it but want to know more - that's also great! What I'm realizing now, is that the awareness is quite low for the issues that we're trying to solve. Probably, it would be a good idea to submit a talk at JAZOON'11, just to show what problems exist that are related to deployment under application servers of all sorts...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JRebel at Devoxx 2010

The first day for us was actually the University Day #2 at Devoxx. Not as many participants yes as it is expected on the real conference days. I did a few demos today demonstrating the PetClinic Spring MVC app. Frankly, I've got sick from doing the same demo again and again. Gotta prepare a new demo for tomorrow so it wouldn't be as boring :)

The fun stuff is that I managed to convince some hard-core devs that JRebel isn't about continuous integration, and it doesn't prevent devs from doing TDD and any other 'enterprise practices' one may apply during the development cycle.

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