Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GSOC2008: My First Contribution

On the first coding day (or I'd better say *night*) I was surfing Guvnor (former Drools BRMS) codebase. I've noticed some flaws in the code so I did some refactoring to achieve my first commit :) A cyclic dependency between org.drools.brms.server.contenthandler.ContentHandler and org.drools.brms.server.contenthandler.ContentManager was removed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

GSOC2008 in Estonia

While the stats are published only for the Top 10 list at the Google Open Source Blog, it was interesting, how many mentors/developers from Estonia are participating in the program this year.
I have found 5: 2 mentors, and 3 students. The screenshots are below.

So the mentors are: Ahti for one cool project.

.. and Mart Raudsepp for several Linux related projects like wxWidgets and Gentoo.

And the students are here:

A little country, and not many good universities, hence not many participants.

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