Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conferences I have visited in May'17

Riga DevDays

Riga DevDays - a perfect conference of an Estonian to visit: not too far away (45 minutes flight), nice city, very good event!

There, I have presented a talk about Java class reloading, which covers the different options for reloading Java classes and explains the fundamental differences of those.

GeeCON, Krakow

I have presented at GeeCON before. The vibe of the event is quite energising! :) I have presented a talk about TestContainers which seemed to spark a lot of the interest from the attendees. Almost a full room and a lot of questions after the talk. Looks like integration testing is in demand these days! & JEEConf, Kiev

The visit to Kiev (Kyiv) was super-productive. I've visited EMAP offices of the on-site presentation as well as a local JUG meetup just before the conference. Very good attendance: 100+ people came to the meetup. Interestingly enough, in Ukraine (as well as in Russia) people ask questions in an interesting way: they usually start the question with "What if ...". They are always curious to find the limitations of the technology, the approach, the method, etc - almost like trying to break things. I think this critical mindset is very helpful when you have to develop software these days.

At the JEEConf I have presented 3 talks: 2 on my own, and 1 with Anton Keks, helping to deliver the Kotlin Puzzlers talk. This was a very well organized conference: super-nice view in the center of Kiev, well crafted schedule with the interesting and useful talks, good athmosphere... I recommend :)

I had a pleasure to deliver a live coding session about Javassist, though I still have the slides just as a reference for those who attended the session. I don't find this talk to be very useful for the developers, however, attendees still find it interesting, so I'm puzzled with this a bit :) Here are the slides:

As for the Java class reloading talk, I had some time to update the content since Riga DevDays -- removed boring parts and added a few other things. Lots of "What if.." questions after the talk -- I love this crowd! :)

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