Saturday, September 26, 2009

JBoss Drools Content Repository

JBoss Drools project features a BRMS called Guvnor. Drools Guvnor features a rich web based GUI, including editors and other stuff. Sometimes you cannot really use Guvnor in your deployment due to some bureaucratic issues: for instance, all the web UIs in our organization are Flex-based and Guvnor's UI is GWT-based (there might be other reasons for sure). So you want to use Drools but your obliged to use the tools/frameworks that are approved in your organization.

There are some issues that you have to pay attention to when starting to use Drools:
  • How to store the rules?
  • How to version the rules?
  • What will be your deployment scheme?
  • Who will manage the rules?
  • Can the domain experts understand how the rule editors work?
  • etc

In this post I'd like to cover how the rules are stored with drools-repository module of JBoss Drools.

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