Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google Android and IntelliJ IDEA

Just some days after Google Android was released, IntelliJ has already support it! IDEA Android plug-in provides a special facet along with other nice features like autocompletition, packaging, etc. I think I should give Android a try.. just for fun, and to see how much better it is compared to the classical J2ME coding.
Although the Android Developer Challenge seems quite motivating, I feel I have no such skills to come up with something really meaningful to be competitive.

NORCHIP2007 Logo

One funny thing we've noticed about NORCHIP2007 is the logo. The logo depicts the map of the countries where the conference has taken place. The strange thing is that Riga and Tallinn are missing as such, however both the cities belong to the organizers community.

NORCHIP2008 will be held in Tallinn and it seems that the organizers will have to add the baltic states to the logo.

The Empty Streets of Aalborg

The last Sunday I was walking around the city of Aalborg. I was shocked how empty it was. Just noone on the streets and I met just a few people walking. This is something unimaginable compared to Tallinn... It must be very boring to live in such city where you can meet noone and all the shops are closed all the weekend.

This explains why NORCHIP2007 conference is being held here: the attendees just have nothing else to do and are forced to attend the lectures! :)

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