Monday, September 24, 2012

Maven support in IntelliJ IDEA (screencast)

The screencast demonstrates Maven integration features available in IntelliJ IDEA. Apache Camel maven archetype is used to generate the application. The main features are:

  • Project setup automation and automatic dependency resolution
  • Editor assistance and autocompletion
  • Refactorings
  • Dependency graph
  • Lifecycle management using the tooling window

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A great read on Scala

A great article has been published at ZeroTurnaround's blog: Scala 2013: A Pragmatic Guide to Scala Adoption in Your Java Organization. You can download it as a PDF (which looks really cool!). The nice part is that it includes an interview with Martin Odersky and quotes by Josh Suereth.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

JavaZone 2012: Taming Java Agents

At JavaZone I've presented a talk called Taming Java Agents. It is not about the distributed computing or messaging as the title might imply. It is about the tools that exercise -javaagent JVM argument to hook into class loading process in order to perform some necessary evil to the bytecode. The tools can do amazing things to the application by rewriting the bytecode - performance & memory monitoring, class reloading, tracing, etc. I think this is an interesting topic in general - the tools do not exist for no reason.

Here are the slides and the video from the talk:

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