Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JavaOne - Day 2

JavaOne Pavilon is a great place I think. You can meet people here and get even more information about the issues you're interested in than from technical sessions. I had a chat with James Strachan. He was promoting Camel to me:)

I also saw a demo of a Talend and I have to admit this is a great ETL product! The demo was so smooth and I will definitely give it a try after I'm back home. It is a pity that it does not support JMS yet, but since it is open source I feel like adding this feature myself if it wont be available soon.

Sybase's IDE for database looks promising - should give it a try too, I think.
Tangosol Coherence is the next technology on my list. I had a short chat about it with the Tangosol's representative and I believe it can solve some of our data integration problems in Hansabank.

I also attended Sun SPOT lab this day. The lab consisted of 7 well-prepared exercises, using 2 Sun SPOT devices and a TruckRobot by Syntronics. I wish I could by by the toolkit but unfortunately this is being sold in US only and I could not by one if I have no US address (damn!). Hopefully, it will be available in Europe soon.

The BOF session on dynamic languages was OK ( hello Charles! :) ). Actually, the comparison of the languages could be done by anyone, but the real value of this session was the discussion on the features that could/should be available in these languages.

The session called Building Web User Interfaces in the Java Programming Language with Google Web Toolkit didn't bring anything new to me, but it was interesting to listen.

This was a great day 2 at JavaOne for me. Lots of information and fruitful discussions. I wish all the rest could be the same :)

P.S. Some chocolate for developers can also be found in pavilion :)

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