Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JavaOne - Day 1

General Session. We've been presented a new hype technology from Sun - JavaFX script, which should bring the UIs to the next level. Also some frameworks were presented that should make the world yet better - JMaki & Phobos. Also Netbeans 6 was shown with the support of JRuby language editing/debugging.

I attended a session called Cool Things You Can Do with the Groovy Dynamic Language where Guillaume Alléon and Dierk König showd us the power of dynamic object manipulations with groovy language. That was really fun and a pleasure to listen and see. I'd suggested this session to anyone.

At Sun SPOT in Action: 3D, Virtual Reality, and Gaming I met the Sun SPOT device the 1st time live :) The talk was about the virtual reality gaming in general and what is required to archive the responsiveness of the game controls.

Easy Deployment Is Finally Here was a bit disappointing, as I expected a little more than just getjava.exe description.

Finally, I met my GSoC mentor, Wayne. We had a fruitful conversation on the GSoC project, so now I think I know where to start! :)

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