Wednesday, April 8, 2015

XRebel 2.0 with Application Profiling

From the very start, our users requested profiler capabilities in XRebel. As of 2.0, it is possible to get the performance overview for every request and identify the slowest methods.

The profiler view shows the time distribution in the call tree by assigning the percentages to the individual nodes that represent method invocations. The slowest methods are also accompanied with an extra percentage figure that indicates the method own contribution time.

JSP tag mapping is one neat little feature, new in XRebel 2.0. Instead of a cryptic runtime name XRebel displays the real JSP tag.

In 2.0, there are some more notable improvements to the existing features. The session component is now able to handle very large HTTP session snapshots. And of course, there's a ton of little UI improvements -- all to make the profiler more pleasant to use.

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Path Infotech said...

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Andrew said...

Do you think Java is actually a viable platform for development on OSX?

Avils said...

big thx!
javapackager только делает бандл в 170Мб. запихивает туда всю jre..

может потому что j8 как бы распакована, но не установлена.
антом хорошо получилось:)

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