Wednesday, December 17, 2014

XRebel 1.2

Just released XRebel 1.2. It is amazing, astonishing, splendid, beautiful, awesome, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :) I'm most pleased with its ability to show the relation between ORM-level events/queries and the generated SQL queries that are executed via JDBC. Like this:

Or even like this:

The cool part is that even with no special requirements to filtering, the call tree scales very well - the user could see the compact call stack with relevant branching points starting from the incoming HTTP request towards the JDBC calls, or NoSQL... or outgoing HTTP invocations.. even RMI!

/me happy! :)


john said...

Nice explantions...Thnks a lot

sam said...

I followed the given steps but it gives me all the options to create scala application and none for erlang...i want to create project for erlang...please reply

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