Sunday, November 18, 2012

XPDays Kiev: Continuous Delivery Pipeline With Jenkins, Artifactory And LiveRebel

XPDays in Kiev was a success! Great crowd, interesting talks and fruitful discussions, socializing included.

Embedded are the slides from by import* talk which was surprisingly well received and it seems a lot of people are looking for ways to release and deploy continuously, even in the large organizations.

There are numerous different tools that could be used to organize the continuous delivery pipeline. The pipeline that I've demonstrated was built with Jenkins, Artifactory (Pro) and LiveRebel.

I'm not super happy with the build pipeline plugin in Jenkins. In the talk I had to spend time explaining why the flow is organized the way it is and why the build pipeline plugin behaves the way it behaves. It is just buggy... I should find time to fix it.

Arifactory's Pro version was just primarily because of the fact that artifact promotion feature is a Pro version and some of the REST APIs that I wanted to use were under Pro license. There are alternatives, but with Artifactory it was just much easier to show the relevant stuff.

LiveRebel - well, there's no real alternative to it. The attendees were really impressed how easy it is to deploy via LiveRebel and oversee the target environment.

The cool part is that all the tools integrate well via the REST API (or CLI) and you can build a very flexible pipeline if this kind of integration is available. What I also realized is that although everything can be automated in the pipeline, it shouldn't get on your way still - you should be able to go into any step and re-execute if needed.

Another critical feature is the rollback functionality. It is not just that you select the previous version of the app if something goes wrong. There's more things you have to keep in mind when organizing the pipeline (I'm not revealing it now :P).

Enjoy the slides! :)

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