Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JAZOON 2010, Day 1

So here I am at JAZOON2010 conference. The venue is perfect and the content of the conference is quite good to say the least.

The first day has started with a keynote by Danny Cowards, called "Java SE and JavaFX: The Road Ahead". The first question Danny was asked was about the new life in Oracle after Sun's acquisition. I was really disappointed by the politically correct answer...

He also showed an interesting video with James Gosling about the star7 experimental device - this is where Java roots are.

Frankly, I was still so tired because of the flight, so after the 3rd slide I got asleep and I woke up just in time when the talk was finished. Too bad as I suppose that the talk should have been quite interesting, at least the first slides were.

The other talks I have attended were "Pattern Driven Security Design for Web Tier" and "Web Frameworks and how they kill traditional security scanning" (quite a security-oriented day). I wouldn't say that I learned really something new from there, but I definitely have more structured knowledge in my head now, especially what concerns the terminology and pattern names. Also, quite an interesting approach to security scanning was presented, which is advocated by Armorize.

Objects of Value by Kevlin Henney was quite inspiring but too philosophical too me. The only practical value I got from the talk is the 2 books titles:

Problem Frames: Analysing & Structuring Software Development Problems
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture

The next talk was from Neal Ford about Construction Techniques for Domain Specific Languages. This is a talk that I have seen on various videos, but haven't seen it live yet. Compared to the older versions of the talk, it was almost the same, but just with some improvements - Neal added a couple of slides with referring to some OSS frameworks that do DSL stuff, like easyb. But the general idea is still the same, the examples are the same, and techniques for DSL construction are the same.

The talk about classloaders from Jevgeni Kabanov from ZeroTurnaround was very interesting. Jevgeni presented several examples from the errors that may appear within container, either ClassNotFoundException, NoSuchMethodFoundError or ClassCastException.

The examples started with the very basics and finished with more weird errors which cause memory leaks, especially on application redeployment. Also you may find some interesting articles at ZeroTurnaround's blog about classloaders:

The closing keynote of the day was by Kelvin Henney - 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. The problem with that, is that I read the book beforehand :) So I decided to spend some time for networking instead.


+ perfect venue
+ very comfortable chairs at the audiences
+ very good organization
+ yummy food
+ good content so far
+ laptop plugs available

- weak wi-fi
- not that many companies are presented this year (compared to 2008), and Google is missing

looking forward for Day 2!

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