Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009 in St. Petersburg

So I visited Pt.Petersburg in order to take part in Sun Tech Days 2009. Unfortunately the quality of the sessions was twofold, some were missing a lot of technical details. But still it was a good opportunity to visit St. Petersburg - an astonishing city.

The first session I attended was OpenSSO, delivered by Sang Shin

OpenSSO looks very promising. A very modular design of the framework allows to use virtually any authentication scheme.

Next, I attended a session about DTrace, quite a powerful tool for monitoring your applications.

Also, JSR-290 looks very promising!

I also attended the superb talk by Yakov Sirotkin, about organizing the asynchronous jobs using the Oracle AQ.

Also, VirtualBox have been advertised quite heavily.

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Juri said...

VirtualBox commercial is great! :)

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