Monday, April 16, 2007

Google Summer of Code 2007

My application to Google Summer of Code was accepted! Now the summer will be full of fun of Groovy and JRuby plug-in implementation to Eclipse.

Why I decided to participate? Don't know. Maybe I'm starting to get bored by writing JDBC applications all the time, will see how it turns out.


Charles Oliver Nutter said...

Very exciting project! Please feel free to tap us on the JRuby project with any questions you might have. I would strongly recommend you look at using the javax.scripting interfaces, since it would allow the possibility to write Eclipse plugins using *any* language. But of course we'll help you with the JRuby part as much as we can.

Unknown said...

I'm not very sure about javax.scripting interfaces as these are introduced only in Java 6, and I'm still Java 1.4 for most of my projects. But yes, since Java 6 is final why not to move on!? Thx for the comment! I will definitely ping you on JRuby issues.

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