Friday, March 30, 2007

MicroBlaze Development Kit

I have a new toy - MicroBlaze Development Kit from Xilinx! :)

The main feature for me here is the USB download feature as my laptop doesn't have a serial port as most of XESS boards require. Hopefully I can do all my hardware emulation research tests with this board now :)

The Key Features are:
* Device Supported: XC3S1600E FG320-4CS1
* Clocks: 50 MHz Oscillator (soldered) , 66.67MHz Oscillator (socketed)
* Memory: 512Mb (32Mx16) DDR SDRAM, 128Mb (32Mx8) Parallel Flash, 16Mb SPI Flash, & Xilinx Platform Flash
* Connectors and Interfaces: Two RS-232 Serial Ports, 1 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet Port, DB 15 VGA Display, LCD Graphic Display, SPI Port, 1 PS2 Port, 4 channel DAC and 2 channel DAC, General Purpose I/O: Buttons, Switches, LEDs, Rotary Encoder, and 43 Bit User Expansion (16 Diff-Pairs) Connector, and three 4-bit I/O Connectors and 14 Input only I/O, 50MHz and socketed 66.67 OSC, and 1 SMA input.
* Display: 16 x2 Character LCD, RGB VGA

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