Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Misconceptions about microservices

Every now and then I hear people asking questions like "How can I implement a microservice using Play framework?", or "How can I build a microservice using Spring Boot?". Every time I read this it sparks the "facepalming" reaction in me.

Repeat after me: microservice is not defined by a framework!

It doesn't matter what technology or a framework is used to implement a microservice. It is rather the domain or the functionality in isolation that defines it. Martin Fowler has written a nice article for defining the microservice and while he mentions the technology bit there, it's not about technology at all!

Captan Obvious says: if you use Play or Spring Boot to implement a microservice, it doesn't mean that those frameworks can't be used to build silos. Which also means that a microservice is a "mini-silo" :)

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