Friday, July 18, 2014

IntelliJ IDEA: Have you tried Search Everywhere yet?

The Search Everywhere action, invoked with double Shift key press, was added in IntelliJ IDEA version 13. I guess, most of the IDEA users/fans know about this feature and are enjoying it. At first glance, it just provides the means for search. You can search "everything": classes, files, symbols, actions, settings, etc. However, Search Everywhere widget is full of easter eggs.

Try using to jump between the search result groups. Or try left arrow to navigate in the history of search entries. But also, depending on the nature of the item that was found, the widget can provide some extra actions, like in the screenshot below: the "Show Navigation Bar" entry has an extra switch - on/off - showing that you can actually invoke this action.

Search Everywhere is a little gem in IntelliJ IDEA and all its features are yet to be discovered ;)


Ravi Wallau said...

I love this new feature. I use it mostly to open the Maven Projects toolbox, since it is a bit annoying finding it. I also use it whenever I need to open something that is not a class, since to open classes I still use Shift + Control + N.

Vanessa Hill said...

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