Friday, July 26, 2013

JRebel 6.0 Beta Registration Started

It’s been more than a year since JRebel 5 has been released. During the year there have been a few minor releases and a lot of things were improved – remoting, debugger integration, support for more frameworks, IDE plugins, etc.

Now, JRebel 6 is on the horizon. There will be several big changes (not revealing yet), which I hope will improve the UX very much. JRebel will be able to do things that it wasn't able to do before - that's very cool!

Since it is a major release and there are a lot of changes that we introduced to the product, I'm looking for volunteers to try out the new beta version on real-life Java projects.

You can register for the beta program here.

If all goes as planned the first builds will land late August / early September.

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