Saturday, March 9, 2013

Talking at 33rd Degree conference

Once again, I'm back to 33rd Degree conference, taking place in Warsaw on March 13-15.

I'm going to have 2 talks there:

Do you really get your IDE?, which is actually a BOF. This is my first time experience in running a BOF, so I'm not really sure how it turns out. I want to discuss with the folks, how the IDEs are used and how are the developers using the IDEs. I will play a bit with the code in IntelliJ IDEA and probably jump into other IDEs as well.

Reloading Java applications like a Pro. At many conferences I've been talking about the very root of the turnaround problems in Java, the reasons and pitfalls. But this time I decided that it would be much more fun to showcase what JRebel can do for different types of Java applications. I plan to talk about the mechanics of the updates and what is happening inside Java application when JRebel is doing it work. Hopefully I can fit several demo scenarios into the talk: for Spring based application, for JavaEE, maybe something for non-conventional apps and desktop apps (e.g. JavaFX).

I'm glad that 33rd Degree organizers allowed me to talk about JRebel directly. At many conferences the organizers are actually quite hesitant to accept any talks about commercial products. However, every time I give a talk on some technical topic, the attendees actually are eager to ask questions about JRebel rather than about the talk topic itself. It means that JRebel is more interesting, than, for instance, Java bytecode. So why bother about the commercial side of it?

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