Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Con-FESS 2012, Day 2

I had great fun speaking at Con-FESS today. Here are my slides for the Why Doesn't Java Have Instant Turnaround talk. The internet connection was great so I even managed to make a JRebel Remoting demo with Jelastic PaaS.

After that, we had a great time investigating Griffon framework internals with Andres Almiray. Although it is quite tricky to update desktop applications on the fly, it seems it is still possible and Griffon will be able to leverage JRebel facilities.

Peter Niederwieser talked about Gradle in the enterprise. Gradle is just about to go 1.0 which is great. The tooling is getting better and there are very nice features in Gradle that simplify build procedure and build script implementation - true incremental builds, autowiring, dsl extensions, etc. What is really missing at the moment is the stable way to migrate Maven projects to Gradle (there are some scripts, but these aren't quite stable) and the native release plugin. It is quite interesting that Gradle has implemented its own dependency management solution and isn't based on Ivy any more.

Stefan Armbruster talked about using Grails with Neo4j graph database. It seems that it doesn't integrate that smoothly yet - some minor glitches still exist, but nevertheless it was used for a production application.

The video recording of the talk is available at Con-FESS website:

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