Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sublime: The Awesome Text Editor

What is your favorite text editor? Not only to edit text but also to write some code. Emacs? Vim? Notepad++ or SciTE? Yeah, for code you can use IDEs, but sometimes it is just too much.

Myself, I'm a long time Vim fan. I know emacs is really-really powerful, but I could not quite understand the ideology behind it. Sometimes I use Notepad++, just because it works really well for log files. Just recently I discovered Sublime. This is a really awesome piece of software!
Sublime is available for OS X, Linux and Windows. It feels really lightweight, and the UI is quite responsive. In Sublime's blog you will find nice tips and tricks on how to use the editor. And if you take a look at the support forum, it seems that the guys are quite busy making the editor even more awesome. This all together just makes you want to by a license! :)

The UI is rather minimalistic, and all the required windows and dialogs appear on demand by pressing a relevant shortcut. What I really like is the file outline on right (see the screenshot below).

Sublime comes with a huge number of code snippets available out of the box and you can define your own.

Regarding the features, you're almost able to use Sublime as a full-featured IDE, not as intelligent as IntelliJIDEA, but still - you can edit code quite efficiently, compile source and execute the apps. Also, Sublime is quite extensible - you can create your own plugins, customize the layout, shortcuts, etc.

I think, Sublime could be the new tool in my toolbox if I'd need to code something besides Java :)


Vladimir Šor said...

If you're a long time vim fan, why search for something else? :)

Unknown said...


coz there's interesting and beautiful world out there :)

Unknown said...

@Vladimir: The dev builds have a Vintage mode that you can opt-in for VIM commands ;)

Unknown said...

And for VisualDiff You can try (obviously known) Beyond Compare

Only IntelliJIDEA VisualDiff is better for java sources, but it doesn't have "lens" (You can vote up my request

Георгий said...

посмотрел Subline 2. крассафчег вообще. открыл папку с проектом и вклюбился ))

Unknown said...

Is there a IntelliJIDEA shortcut map for Sublime?

Maybe You did it for yourself and can share it?

George Chan said...

Happened to load to your blog, I found the sublime quite nice, cool feature :)

msx said...

Being a emacs fanboy myself (and feeling the same way you feel but about vim!) I too found Sublime Text 2 simply awesome.
Btw, I love this strip:

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