Sunday, September 26, 2010

JRebel at JavaOne

And so as JavaOne 2010 is over and I'm back home, I probably should make a summary of the event as I seen it.

We arrived at the venue on Sunday to set up the boot for the upcoming expo. It was the very disappointing: the expo area was really small compared to the previous years. I do understand that OOW and JavaOne are held together as one event for the unity to show the benefit of using Oracle products. But JavaOne is a conference considered to be a #1 conference for Java developers for a long time and now this - sessions moved to Hilton and Park 55, and broken apart, and the expo is tiny small :(

Anyways, we had busy time showing JRebel demos one ofter another. And the most exciting part of that was that some of the people coming already used JRebel for their development and just came to say thanks for that JRebel exists! :)

Our marketing guys hired two pretty models to attract people to the booth. This was a blast! People stopped by even if they weren't interested at first! :) I could feel the jealousy coming from the booth next to us :) I admit, it was a dirty trick, but it worked well.

Unfortunately, we couldn't take part in the sessions as it was almost impossible to get in if you weren't preregistered. That said, I'm in a hunt for the slides of the Core Java sessions for now :)

Personally I've met quite a lot of interesting people (Hello, everyone!), hopefully I we'll be able to develop the connections further on. Also, I had luck to take part in the JRuby meetup at EngineYerd's office and JetBrains Be Wiser Party. Enjoyed that!


DavidThi808 said...

Hey, no matter how far down I unbuttoned my shirt - I couldn't compete with your booth babes :)

Unknown said...

@David, but u did well! :)

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