Friday, July 25, 2008

GSOC2008: The Pluggable Editors for Guvnor

One of the goals in this year's GSoC project for me is to enable plugging of content editors as jars. Today I've completed the automation for this aim.

I've integrated the rolodex widget for using image data in Guvnor. Next, the aim was to isolate the code into a separate place, so that it doesn't affect the base source code, and using some code generation routines integrate the new widget to Guvnor.

Here's the summary:

  • The pluggable code is moved into modules/ directory under drools-guvnor

  • build.xml was extended to generate some code pieces to integrate the pluggable editors. Some classes in Guvnor required a minor refactoring in order to support code generation.

It is not as smooth as it could be in GuvnorNG, but the goal is achieved to some extent, I think :)


Robby O'Connor said...

IntelliJ IDEA!!!!! Nice =)

Unknown said...

@Robert O'Connor: indeed! :)

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