Saturday, April 26, 2008

Web-Based Java IDE Wanted!

I wanted to check some ideas with Java this evening and the PC that was available to me did not hava Java, nor Java IDE installed. I wish there was a web-based Java IDE integrated with my Google account,, and integrated with some Maven repo to fetch the dependencies!

I have googled about this topic and didn't find any reasonable results besides a video about wwworkspace. I couldn't find the service's website, unfortunately. The only reasonable webpage that I've found on this topic is the IBM's effort on the XUL front-end for eclipse: here... dated October 11, 2007. And no further news from there.

In fact this could be a very interesing project, and also very useful. The web-bvased IDE could even be not only Java-oriented but like eclipse, targeted towards different languages, taking advantage of plug-ins. Probably, using eclipse as a back-end wouldn't be that hard to implement? I wonder why there wasn't a GSoC'2008 proposal for this idea (or even if it was, it wasn't accepted)?

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Unknown said...

This idea was discussed this year in soc-dev list:

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