Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Interesting Reference to

Yesterday my mother made me a Christmas gift - a book. This book is called "Stress as an Asymmetric State. Natural Healing". Nice hardcover, approximately 125 pages. But on the very first page, where all the copyrights are listed I found something very strange to my mind.

I found the following. At the line 4 of the copyright page there's a reference to It says:
All the illustrative material comes from and is adopted for this book

Pardon me, but I doubt that any trustworthy author would refer to a search engine in his/her text. Say, if you make a student project at university, will you refer to {yahoo|altavista|google|yandex}.com to make your text look authoritative??? I don't think so. I can think that the authors did not even know about this reference, but the respectful publisher should have thought twice before passing this one to production.

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